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9 months, and to the annual, the beginning of the Army (sun) training (black) day! some time ago, "spring breeze ten miles is better than you" also military training once! Dongyu Zhou dressed in camouflage in the play, a face white, Su Yan muscle, is really not see the heat of the training sun! (hint: you don't have a female halo!) So your facts might be like this! good university life, start not dark (right!) The so-called white cover three ugly, a black destroy all. So intimate sister street, invited Joe teacher to surprise everyone whitening repair small knowledge! sun first step: soothing and repairing a lot of younger sister after exposure, hurry whitening. This is a big mistake! When the sun skin redness, itching, is actually in the inflammatory state. At this time, with whitening products, it is likely to stimulate the skin, causing inflammation of the skin pigmentation. So the primary care is soothing after sun repair skin, oh! Specifically how to do it? 1, first aid, soothing nursing time: 6 hours after sun sun is the golden period of emergency. first time calm, relieve inflammation, reduce the degree of tanning. specific practices: 1, red hot sun is a serious condition, can choose the aloe gel, repairing gel thickness deposited on the face. 2, after sun skin touch the water won't hurt you, you can take contains chamomile, calendula, Aloe Soothing ingredients make-up water soaked piece of cotton or paper mask, wet compress on the face. 3, never freeze or ice. Otherwise, further irritation can damage your foamposites for cheap skin. Sister : Water StreetThe quality of CHCEDO sun skin lotion 110 yuan /70mlAlthough does not love savory taste, but quite comfortable with gel texture. Repair of components which contains Edelweiss, gorgeous name ~ the key is not alcohol!! 2, the first week of basic care also soothes nursing time: 1 weeks after sunburn until inflammation disappears. focuses on repairing barrier function this week to improve skin resistance and self repair. a week after sun skin in an unstable state, so the woman who suggested that sister street, the daily water for soothing type. And you can use make-up water to do wet dressing care, you can also prepare a spray containing essential oils, moisture replenishment at any time. MINON honey, amino acid moisturize and moisturize make up water I& amp; II 190 yuan /150ml MINON is the first Japanese resident @Cosme awards, the main use of amino acid to improve skin moisturizing, repair sensitive skin. 1 of them are refreshing, and 2 are moisture based. More annoying is that its home in the domestic entities to buy fewer channels, Tmall flagship following the earlier introduced the function of waterproof "TRAIL" series, Herschel Supply Co. the main diversification series, SURPLUS series is also worth attention, making use of wear cloth with adjustable inclination, unique blue technology, showing a unique texture, the inclined lines in blue is more convex, with heavy metal matte zipper bag and other military details; in addition, there are a series of small accessories, full of America jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black n retro atmosphere. no matter you shook the ride swim laps of the next Pharaoh or as Xiaobian general dishes legs, as long as you are keen to participate in riding activities, will have pulled burst of the day is called in the loading force day in, geomantic turn by turns... Ah, pull away. Although pull explosion others readily, but is not so comfortable pull explosion. No matter how beautiful the weather, how low PM2.5, ride a tour of how cute girl, as long as you are pulled, it is for you to ride the tour must be painful and humiliating memories...first look at a small story: Lu town car shop in the pattern, and elsewhere in the car shop is no different. Riding tour party after the end of the ride, often spend a few pieces of the ocean, in the car shop to buy a bowl of tea to drink. this day leg dish Lao Wang came to the shop, all shunting of tea, people looked at Old Wang Xiao, and some cried: "Lao Wang, you are burst!" Lao Wang does not answer to the car shop, the waiter said: "a bottle of Gatorade, two energy gel." Took out the crumpled riding clothes pocket money. "You must have been pulled out of the bridge," said the travel party in the car shop!" Wang eyes said: "what do you like to clean out of thin air pollution......" "What is innocent? I see you uphill blew up the day before yesterday, they fancy hanging pull explosion." Pharaoh will rise to get red in the face, forehead veins on the roads cracked, argued, "ride slowly cannot was pull explosion... Aerobic exercise!... Cycling people do, can be considered a pull expl buy cheap jordans online osion?" A series of is difficult to understand the words, what "intermittent oxygen", what "frame 80mm high", like what "11-22t", attracted the crowd to laughter, the car both inside and outside the shop full of the happy air. Lao Wang above can be regarded as negative examples, because there is no master correct posture, in themselves pulled after the explosion can only accept riding friends of the cruel irony. then we ride tour party should be how to do a good job of crisis treatment to restore the loss (face), in was pulled after the explosion is still able to maintain enough to force the grid without being bikers mocked it? we mainly have the following ideas: 1"I was wrong" is pull explosion after we should pay attention to naturally continue to slow down their own pace in a little rest and front cheyouhui and. If the riders have to ask yourself why so slow, you only need a light answer: "Oh, just the wrong way, then check the map found around a large circle, all speed 35!" note that this method is only applicable to the high level of the riders are occasionally pull explosion. If you a dish leg also this forcibly loaded to force and will only make riders gathered the rest point "is full of happy air"... 2"I stopped to buy water." this method is suitable for the legs dish driver, you can pretend to be pulled after the explosion left.from the appearance, this paragraph is a simple Air Force 1 shoes, let's take a look at the details, you will have new feelings. This is a traditional white leather shoe with a gray SWOOSH and hee jordan 3 katrina 2018 l label. But when it comes to a combination of rubber outsole, plaid insole and lining, it has become a new tide of fashion. In 2011 the summer, wearing such a Air Force 1 collocation shorts is definitely a good equipment for both fresh and sweet. Converse Japan division recently released a Chuck Taylor All Star Leather VW Hi. The re use of Chuck Taylor as a blueprint for design, enough to see the classic shoes. Upper with high-grade leather, exquisite lines, show high sense of texture. The "high Gang" setting creates a vintage style with well designed lace detail. New products will be listed in the spring of 2011, interested friends must pay attention to.10 31, Chris Paul will usher in the first game NBA 2014-15 season with his Losangeles clippers. And on the second day (November 1st), CP3's new generation of signature shoes CP3.VIII Jordan will also be officially listed. In front of this colorful color matching is reported to be listed as the first CP3.VIII Jordan color. Jordan CP3.VIII continued before the low to help design, purple as the color of the main shoe body mix red, yellow and blue details, the toe part to colorful reflective paint decoration, overall revealed strong visual impact. we never care about the news, you look at the end, there are endless micro-blog WeChat search, DUNKHOME, press carry shoes whenever and wherever possible. 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We will continue to focus on ;Time: 2011-12-20 10:02 source: network Author: rank Click: second, the Russian footwear market is not yet fully saturated, investment prospects are good. Footwear market imports of products on the dominant position, domestic manufacturers accounted for a small proportion of the total footwear market, accounting for about 14.5%. Russia from 2005 to 2009 total footwear sales growth of 51.5%, up to 335 million pairs. Over the same period, Russia's imports of shoes increased by 40.4%, from 189 million pairs to 265 million pairs. According to the Russian footwear market is not yet fully saturated, and the investment prospects are good. Footwear market imports of products on the dominant position, domestic manufacturers accounted for a small proportion of the total footwear market, accounting for about 14.5%. Russia from 2005 to 2009 total footwear sales growth of 51.5%, up to 335 million pairs. Over the same period, Russia's imports of shoes increased by 40.4%, from 189 million pairs to 265 million pairs. According to the business statistics (BusinesStat) estimates that the next few years, the Russian footwear market will maintain growth trend, but growth will slow down, while the market will gradually saturated. By 2014, domestic shoes sales will increase to 416 million pairs.After the last year for everyone to build two new Reebok Pump Blacktop II, Reebok Classics decided to create a similar tribal theme color Pump Blacktop Battleground in the fancy for the 90s classic basketball shoes. The shoe body made of white and black collocation details of totem decorative texture with rubber sole, the overall style is quite special. m43284-01.jpg (98.25 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground 2014-7-5 11:53 upload m43284-02.jpg (116.69 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground 2014-7-5 11:53 upload m43284-03.jpg (246.85 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground 2014-7-5 11:53 Reebok Pump Blacktop Battleground upload, 00Zhang Linpeng experience new equipment Zhang Linpeng street show skills 1. in Guangzhou, there are Hengda and R & F two teams. What do you think the difference between Guangzhou derby and other matches? sina sports news Zhang Linpeng [micro-blog]: I don't think there are too many differences, the Guangzhou derby is just a game. Just because the two teams are in the same city, the game may be a bit more intense. 2. : would you be proud to play for Guangzhou Evergrande [micro-blog]? Zhang Linpeng: in Guangzhou Evergrande, I have a lot of great teammates, world-class coaches, and lots of enthusiastic fans. I feel very proud of it. 3. : what's your favorite Derby war? Zhang Linpeng: in the recent Derby, we beat 2:0. We had lost the previous two Derby games, so we were very impressed with the victory. 4. : as a player, do you think derby is more intense than the average one? Zhang Linpeng: Yes, it will be a little more intense than usual. The Guangzhou fans are very supportive of the two teams, and our players will fight for the fans. 5. : which foreign team do you like best? Zhang Linpeng: Manchester United [micro-blog]. Because Manchester United has always insisted on their own style, in the game to win the show, always refuse to be cowed or submit spirit. Domestic team, I am sure most support for their effectiveness of Guangzhou hengda. 6. what would you do to support your team? Zhang Linpeng: make the best of the game and do it for the team. 7. : what's the craziest thing you've done for your favorite team? Zhang Linpeng: I've been supporting Manchester United since I was a kid, but I haven't done too much crazy, but I'll stay up and watch their Champions League game. 8. : which Manchester United player do you like best? Zhang Linpeng: Nemanja. Not only because we played close, but his mental toughness impressed me very much. 9. : what style of clothing do you usually like? Zhang Linpeng: I prefer a more elegant and comfortable style. I seldom wear formal clothes on weekdays. 10. : do you mix and mix with casual clothes and fashion? Zhang Linpeng: seldom. As a player, I rarely get a chance to rest, so I like to dress comfortably during leisure time. 11. 〉 Easter approaching, custom brand AMAC to the popular LeBron Low 8 "Miami night" for inspiration, NIKE LEBRON X LOW launched the "new MIAMI NIGHTS" custom new shoes in Miami, red and blue colors, black white dot collocation design, the window full palm cushion and Swoosh is abnormal clearly, in order to cater to the Easter theme, the tongue sole and also joined the green decoration.