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following Air, Force 1 and Blazer and other classic shoes Lunarlon fusion after the introduction, Air Max 90 will also integrate Lunarlon, thus get Air Max 90 Lunar. First exposure grass gray / night blue color version of the factory, Hyperfusee shoes with Lunarlon midsole, listed next year, before this paragraph has been sold in advance eBay. Paul recently in his IG drying out a pair of very tall temperament Air Jordan 1 High, the shoes not only apply the brown leather shoes and a camel, are used on metal plate, the shoelace head is made of metal, like a pair of shoes can be said to be a luxury configuration? Reebok CLASSIC ZOKU RUNNER ULTK was born in March this year, the new shoes, Reebok, CLASSIC sports fashion in the field brought great strides in innovation. Mita sneakers, of course, will not ignore the existence of this exquisite design, to "Desert Sand Bath" theme to build joint cooperation Reebok CLASSIC ZOKU RUNNER ULTK. In the weaving color, has added the unique sand color detail, highlights the desert element. On the insole, there are still signs of "Tokyo changed" and animals like camel and scorpion in the desert. The price is 16000 yen. Air Jordan is the generation of shoes popular although there are high, but its classic status did not close. As a pair of Air Jordan 10, cheap air jordans although the footwear design of many people is lack of fashion sense, but a suitable color also can make you change. Published in 1994, Air Jordan 10 "Dark Shadow" in 2008 re engraved, 10 years after it will be in April next year again return moment. The predominantly black, high-quality nubuck leather uppers and litchi peel with red Logo, followed by michael. The whole is quite low-key, but distributed deep tide smell. You may wish to take note of interest next year on sale.Throughout the first two generations of Durant's signature shoe , in addition to reducing upper, upper gluing increased , the change seems not great, although it is not , and compared to Kobe Bryant and LeBron shoes , but considering the price of its citizens , it seems difficult to accept. And as a new cycle , " Durant 4" evolution is evident , although continues to plumb the upper height and shoe adhesive tape literally has many similarities with the previous two generations , but the essence of this generation innovation is very thorough. HYPERFUSE sealable layer vamp replaces the previous generation fly line vamp , vamp proved bonding layer can effectively reduce the degree of injury vamp , vamps previous generations often appear wrinkled situation gone, shoes during the race will not be excessive deformation , whic Retro jordans for sale h is surely the way to wear shoes KD friends over a certain empathy. However, in this generation flagship technology signature shoe , HYPERFUSE 's blessing is not the biggest selling point .Adu had his designers Zhang Zhuanxi require every generation of signature shoes have a breakthrough , so the newly developed adaptive fit system (ADAPTIVE FIT SYSTEM) on the first show dedicated to the "Durant 4 ." According to long-term observation , designers find different types according to the foot , the shoe wearer's foot is generated between the gap , automatically adapt the basic principle is the central elastic suture fastening shoes , if the arch is high, pull when the upper stretch elastic band under the foot close to the feet can reduce the gap inside the shoe , so your feet always have kind of a feeling of being surrounded and locked . In previous internal testing , many testers have said this is the first ever let them foot the elastic band with a locking security device , which is also very much agree with Adu . In fact, before this, had made ??it clear that he did not want to re-use the signature shoe adhesive tape , but when he saw KD4 that subvert the traditional visual appearance and tried , it has changed his original idea .Zhang Zhuanxi draw the tongue on the "35" logo sudden inspira jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black tion , he found "3" and "5" is exactly the gap between can form a "4" graphics. This design , although it will be the first time to attract everyone's attention, but in the " Durant 4" , BIG CHUCKY is Durant really want to express emotion in detail. Durant's signature shoe has always been a "friends book " , above which there is his most beloved mother and grandmother 's name , there are many people who have far-reaching impact on him . However, in the last generation sneakers but came to a most important person - Charles Clegg (CHARLES CRAIG). The Adu childhood basketball coach and mentor growth is "BIG CHUCKY", but unfortunately his untimely death at age 35 , Adu select 35 as the uniform number is to commemorate the "Godfather " and "BIG CHUCKY "From " Durant 4 " started to become another landmark of this series elements.Throughout the successful signature shoes , there will be several impressive color , AIR JORDAN Needless to say, but also because LeBron series "South Coast" and the market price rose. But three generations before Durant signature shoe , there is little or great hype impressive color value , but it all in , " Durant 4" become history . From shoes began , designers in color inspiration seems endless , whether it is currently fry astronomical NERF do not note , or unique in cheap air jordans novative " weatherman " , both for the Durant set a new signature shoe image. In addition to eye-catching color, they do not note often have luxurious packaging and accessories . In addition to the name of charity and N7 KAY YOW first appearance in this generation , and such as Easter , blacks do not note the anniversary month, and so also gigs . Colorful " Durant 4" a dull before the change , but also to the historical status of this series up again a grid .& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; [Chinese shoes Network - Brand Dynamics] say jogging is the cheapest sport, run, there are shoes enough, but to run both the scientific and pull the wind, is not cheap. Take the most basic of shoes, a pair of running shoes in the "life" of around 1,000 km, if you frequently use the same pair of shoes, or three months for a pair. Friends in running circles, how many have running shoes, as well as "crab" and "Centipede" joked. In a pair of running shoes 500 yuan terms, whether it is "crab" or "Centipede", contains the market here are interesting. shoes, but also just the tip of the iceberg. Now, as long as the person is a little road race started, all eager to have a complete set of equipment - compression pants, sweat socks, windproof mirror, scarves, backpacks, watches, heavily armed needs about 5,000 yuan. I Cheap foamposites for sale f you participate in the marathon, the need with higher technological content, the price is more expensive equipment, such as today's hottest APP applications and intelligent wearable device. In the mobile phone operating system, available for download APP application running no less than several hundred. Coupled with smart bracelet, smart watches, smart shoes and socks and other intelligence, it makes running more interesting, and more addictive. Nike NIKE HuangXiangYan communications director for Greater China, said the company's global sales running series of products to maintain an annual growth rate of more than 30 percent, far more than football and basketball momentum two categories. In addition to sponsoring the marathon, they also held various jogging race run organization Friends of the club, the development of intelligent software and hardware. It is reported that Nike's an APP now has tens of millions of registered users. But in the opinion of practitioners, reclamation extent the market is not enough. Many brands observed that female marathon runners increases every year, taking into account the demands of women for more diversified equipment, NIKE now is focusing on the layout in this area. "Global revenue this year, the woman running the product range is $ 5,000,000,000. cheap air jordans online We forecast 2017 revenue to grow to $ 7 billion." An insider revealed Nike. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional shoe News Media Partners: Street ladder fashion shoes)Lakers rookie Russell is wearing Air Force 1 in the new season? 2015-10-28 10:54:24 new season curtain has been opened, the day before the Lakers rookie Russell appeared DJ Skee shop while he talked about the new season expectations and their development. But the most surprising is that he said the new season may be wearing Air Force 1 debut battle, I do not know whether it is to Rachid Wallace respect? However, in today's changing shoes, AF1 can play the role of the field, but also needs the test of the game. Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Black Pigeon" did you grab it? 2017-11-14 14:29:01 Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Black Pigeon" for the first time on the double eleven day triggered a new rush buying spree, and in today's "double facelift" return of popular shoe once again login to the official website for sale. Shoe body are made of black leather and suede design, mixed form uppers, the heel of the dove Logo red outsole design become punchline, the overall effect of foil more full. It is learnt that Nike SB Dunk Low Pro "Black Pigeon" is now on sale, priced at 999 yuan. China Shoes News Network September 10 Olympic sports (01968) plans IPO this month. CEO Xu Zhihua said the company was held in the spring of 2010 orders in June, the number of orders-on-year double-digit growth, while the company only a slight price increase of 2-3%; Peak will be held on September 18 Ordering summer of next year will be. Pick in 1988, its name from the English "PEAK" transliteration from, "PEAK" mountain symbol of Britain, the metaphorical self-challenge and continue to climb the peak of the spirit. Pick now in China has more than 5,600 retail stores, but they are run by non-Olympic themselves. Zhi-Hua Xu said Pick the next three years will increase every year 1000 retail stores, mainly in the second and third tier cities, which will include some of the flagship store. He said the first half of this year, the Olympic double-digit same-store sales growth, the future sure to maintain double-digit growth. He said that currently about 40% of Olympic footwear and apparel products is about 10% of its own production, hope for the future product half its own production, and footwear and apparel products now each turnover half of the footwear, basketball shoes accounted for 30 percent, he said, the overall product gross margin was 38-40%, of which there are more players signature shoe as high as 50%. Xu Zhihua refers to its last annual fee equivalent to approximately 10% of sales, but this year since its listing fee, it will be increased to 12%. market sources, the Olympic official Recommend this Friday, this month offering 16-21, 22 pricing, 29 listed, raising $ 200 million (1.56 billion yuan). According to the sales document refers, Peak 06,07 and 08 year earnings were 85.5 million, 165.9 million and 375.9 million yuan, to market integrated forecasting, Pick 09 years no less than 613 million yuan profit. Arrangers including Credit Suisse and CCBI.With the upcoming release of AIR JORDAN 4 "TEAL" is quite similar, the same as Jordan Brand before the thirty anniversary of Jordan Illusion is now officially on sale. Dark green, smooth leather uppers, supplemented by laser cutting lines, interspersed with woven straps. Finally, equipped with signs of air jordan 1 at the end. This item: 705141-306, the price of 869 yuan. 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Source: nikeblog1.jpg (29.51 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2008-11-6 09:51 upload 0.jpg (91.73 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 2014 January Adidas Originals shoes Preview 2014 January first exposure to foreign websites Adidas Originals series is expected to offer a variety of shoes, such as: Bamba, ZX 100, ZX 500, Tobacco, Tech Super, Torsion Allegra, Gazelle OG, Marathon 85 and other classic good shoes, the biggest highlight of small eyes belong to the original black and white color Adidas Crazy 97 please continue, prospecting shoe lock in future reports. 1.jpg (130.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 2.jpg (78.25 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 3.jpg (130.95 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 4.jpg (76.91 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 5.jpg (89.18 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 6.jpg (78.42 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 upload 7.jpg (79.84 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2013-12-2 10:44 shoes